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Meet the Rex Motors Team.

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Operations Manager

Terri McCullough

Terri is the mother hen of the Rex Team. If something needs doing, Terri will ensure it’s done and done well. She’s the queen of spinning plates, keeping everything ticking over and providing the support needed for operations to run smoothly. Her meticulous eye for detail ensures no stone is left unturned and her wicked sense of humour keeps the lads on their toes. When Terri allows herself a spare few minutes, she loves long walks, hitting the gym and helping with local charity Hospice at Home.


"I love watching this company grow and the camaraderie within the team"
Sales Director

Chris Moore

His love affair with vehicles began with a passion for karting, which Chris started racing from the age of 10.  It’s fitting then, decades on, that he finds himself in a job where he’s talking, living, breathing and selling cars. Chris loves the unpredictability of his job, meeting different kinds of people from all walks of life, and gets a genuine thrill from finding the best value - and most suitable - vehicle for each person. In his spare time, in between tending to an ever-growing family, Chris still finds time for a whirl round the karting track.


"I’m a petrolhead so this is the dream job for me"
Senior Vehicle Technician

Jeff Hutton

Jeff is a man of few words and a stare so steely it could build scaffolding. Born into this life - with his Dad owning his own garage, and working with vehicles all of his adulthood, what Jeff doesn’t know about cars isn’t worth knowing. Whether it be inspecting vehicles, replacing missing components, attending to client demands or identifying and making vehicle repairs, Jeff is the captain of the garage. This is his domain.


"It’s all about doing the job once and doing it right"
Chief Valeter

Konrad Bednarsky

Konrad is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. A man with so much mystique we wouldn’t be surprised if he left every day vanishing in a puff of smoke. What’s more, Konrad’s a wizard with the machines. Polishing, restoring, finessing, cleaning and transforming vehicles is what he was born to do. We’ve no doubt a Hollywood movie of his life will be in the works, one day. But for now, he’s a master craftsman...and he’s ours.


"I am from Poland originally but my true passion is Lazio Football Club"

John Corkill

Not all heroes wear capes and John’s no exception - he simply refuses to wear them. Never has, never will. Having said that, there’s little doubt he’s a hero in the garage. Having built up his own established service centre - JG Corkill - John has now, as part of our acquisition, brought his years of mechanical mastery to the Rex team. As time goes on, John will be winding down and spending more time with his grandchildren or riding his mountain bike. But for now, we’re rinsing that sponge of wisdom out for all its worth!


"What’s all this about capes?"

Ian Drake

He’s the gaffer - a man whose mission when forming Rex Leasing in 2018 was simply to provide an outstanding, no-nonsense leasing service. The mantra has been - and continues to be - all about customer service. There’s nothing more important to Ian than undoing the stereotypes of the dodgy car dealer. Now, with Rex Leasing becoming Rex Motor Company, the evolution continues at a breakneck pace but the values remain the same. No egos, complete and total honesty, married to hard work and respect for one another. Maybe he’ll even allow himself to switch off every now and then…


"If you need a car, we’ll find you one. And if your car breaks, we’ll sort it. No questions asked. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that"
Remarketing Manager

Daniel Hignett

Dan has a fine eye for detail and a burning passion for showcasing the cars that Rex brings through the doors. If you've been down to the forecourt, you'll know his passion really does speak for itself. Day to day, Dan manages the cars being listed both on socials and on the website, but more so loves nothing more than bonding with his colleagues and adding to the dynamic team that gives Rex its glowing reputation. In his spare time Dan has a real appreciation for photography, something he now gets to do daily at Rex, he truly loves what he does!


"An ongoing highlight is knowing I am where I'm supposed to be!"