Who the f... is rex?

We’re the only award winning locally-owned dealership offering sales, leasing and servicing in the Isle of Man.

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Rex Motor Company is an Award Winning full-service car sales and leasing company that has been putting the power of owning a new car in customer’s hands since October 2018.

Ian Drake Rex Motor Company Founder

"We're trusted, we're reliable and now Rex Motor Company is award winning, start your journey with us today and I promise we won't let you down."

What began as a roundtable conversation with his family about his passion for offering islanders more choice and stand-out customer service, Founder Ian Drake has turned Rex Motor Company into a rapidly growing, award winning business with a loyal and dedicated customer base.

Since our inception and throughout our rebrand from Rex Leasing to Rex Motor Company, we’ve made it our promise to our customers that we will never compromise on providing the lowest possible prices with industry-class service. Such service has been recognised at the IOM News Papers Awards for Excellence where Rex Motor Co became not only the first car dealership to win an awards for excellence category, but also the Island's only award winning car dealership.

From our showroom in White Hoe Industrial Estate, we find our customers the best possible deals on their dream vehicles. Whether for personal or business use, our unbeaten customer service is the main reason why our client relationships extend way beyond the signing of paperwork.

Our dedicated team has combined experience in the motor trade industry and financial sectors, and have the negotiating skills to offer you rates that have only been historically available to large fleet companies. We do this by sourcing a vehicle specific to a customer at the lowest possible rate and offering the most appropriate finance plan available for the funding method you choose.

Whether you choose to lease a vehicle, buy a vehicle outright or purchase a vehicle with finance from Conister, Blackhorse or Investec, Rex Motor Company is your one stop shop for all vehicle requirements! 

Who we are

Rex Motor Company is a vehicle dealership based in the Isle of Man, offering both vehicle leasing and vehicle sales.

Our aim is to provide local people with better value on new vehicles. Our Directors are local, and our showroom is based in the heart of Douglas. With experience in both the local motor trade and local finance sector, Rex Motor Company are well equipped to provide a dedicated and professional service to Isle of Man-based individuals and businesses when it comes to vehicle leasing and sales.

What we do

Rex Motor Company are motor traders in the Isle of Man.

We have terms with a pool of leasing lenders and as a result, have access to the best leasing offers on brand new vehicles. We also sell nearly new and ex-leased vehicles. Spending time with each customer, we understand their circumstances before deciding whether a lease or purchase best suits them.

Our Approach

Our unique approach centres around the aim to provide the absolute best customer service in the Isle of Man.

As a Rex customer, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who personally takes care of your automotive requirements and provides a pro-active service.