Rex Leasing becomes Rex Motor Company

Rex Motor Company

Introducing, Rex Motor Company. Rex Leasing has grown rapidly over the last 18 months, and we are now selling just as many vehicles as we lease. In an aim to make the message a bit more clearer that we are much more than a leasing company, the board of Directors have decided to rebrand the business. 

Rex Motor Company is our new name, but our services and principles remain the same. We will continue to offer fantastic leasing offers, and we will continue to stock, sell and source new and used vehicles for customer who would prefer to buy rather than lease.

We are unique in the sense that we offer both vehicle leasing and vehicle sales, which we will continue to do going forward. Buying a vehicle vs Leasing a vehicle is an interesting debate; a lease might suit one business better than it does another, for a variety of reasons, that's why we spend time with each customer to determine whether a purchase or a lease will suit them better. This makes Rex better equipped at providing impartial yet informed advice with regards to acquiring a new car or van. 

So once things go back to normal, and we can say goodbye to Covid-19, we will be opening our doors as Rex Motor Company, and look forward to welcoming as many faces, new and old, through our doors.

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